Will Cuomo Be a NYT Bestseller? Not if NY Seniors Can Help It

Andrew Cuomo may go down in history as being the worst governor that the state of New York has ever seen. However, he thinks he may go down as the best. He’s been tooting his own horn of how good a job he has done to the point that he even wrote a book about his “success.”

It’s hard to call making a decision that involved thousands of unnecessary deaths among senior citizens a success. Yet, Cuomo is so ignorant to it all that he wants to talk about his amazing leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

As Cuomo’s book is getting ready to hit shelves, grieving family members have decided to have a “funeral” for Cuomo’s leadership. It featured a hearse and a coffin filled with copies of his new book.

The governor issued a directive at the end of March that sent coronavirus patients to nursing homes. There were other options – including the USNS Comfort. Instead, he sent them to nursing homes where they infected hundreds of others. It led to somewhere around 10,000 unnecessary deaths. It took six weeks before he decided to reverse that directive.

So, it’s not surprising to hear that the grieving families aren’t interested in seeing Cuomo become a New York Times bestseller. After all, he can’t tout his impressive leadership skills during a pandemic when a decision led to so many people without their elderly loved ones.

Peter Arbeeny, a Democrat who lost his father due to the directive that Cuomo created explained that “to learn that the Governor was writing a book while our loved ones were dying senselessly and our friends, family and neighbors were losing everything because of unscientific government decisions, is a gut punch to New Yorkers suffering through this crisis.”

Arbeeny goes on to say that they don’t want to see a book on leadership. Instead, they want to see accountability and an apology. Unfortunately, they won’t see it. Cuomo has too much of an ego to display any kind of empathy about his directive.

On October 13, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic was released.

Cuomo finally admitted last week that the lockdowns were a “fear-based response” as opposed to being based on medical or scientific expertise. This is hardly a way to lead a state. Meanwhile, all across the state, during the height of the pandemic, no one in New York had the ability to honor loved ones with ceremonies or funerals.

And still, those who lost loved ones in the nursing homes are waiting for some transparency from the administration to find out the true number of people who died. All they want is accountability.

The Arbeeny family has issued statements at length about Cuomo’s leadership and how they are disgusted to find that the governor made the decisions that he has. From the very beginning, we were told about how those over 60 with underlying conditions need to be extra-cautious about COVID-19 – and that makes up 95 percent of the population in nursing homes.

“This book is the epitome of Governor Cuomo’s personality – egocentric, callous, and irresponsible.” That’s how the Arbeeny family sums it up. And it makes sense, especially since he’s published this book even before the pandemic is over.

The true kicker to all of this is that Andrew Cuomo’s book is sitting as the number one bestseller on Amazon. The category? Forensic medicine. That category shouldn’t even be allowed considering that Cuomo didn’t use any kind of medical background to determine how he was going to lock down the city.

But Democrats tend to band together. They try to cancel out each other’s ignorance – and it’s clear that there are people who are buying the book.

Let’s hope that most people buying the book are doing so to find out what kinds of lies Cuomo is touting about his “successful” handling of the pandemic instead of reading it to feed the already over-inflated ego of New York’s worst governor ever.