Trump Shows His Support as He Gives Offering at Church

President Trump is a people’s president. The vast majority of people that voted in 2016 wanted someone that could not be bought off by wealthy Democrats or be bullied by special interest groups. Trump is just the man that gave the people what they wanted in their next president.

But he has proven to be so much more. He is a compassionate and generous person that sees himself as an American just like everyone else.

Every time the president sees a need, he tries to meet that need by helping or by donating funds. He is also a man of faith, as he regularly attends church and gives an offering. While traveling through the state of Nevada, he stopped at a church in Las Vegas to attend services. It was there that he made his regular donation.

Most people wait to tithe when they are at their home church. But the president sees other churches as his home church as well. People of faith act like one big family. And they are not afraid to support one another with their tithes and offerings. Being a person of faith is a way of life.

President Trump took the time to worship God over the weekend. He sees his faith as a part of who he is. He attended services at the International Church of Las Vegas. He was headed over to another campaign event in Carson City when he decided to make the stop.

The president is not afraid to mix with people. He does not see himself as being above everyone else. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden see themselves as royalty that is not to be touched. They keep themselves at arm’s length of everyone that they consider to be ordinary people.

President Trump knows that an image someone forms about another is usually done in the first few minutes of meeting them. His contribution would have left a good impression on the people around him.

This is not the first time that President Trump helped people. When Hurricane Irma moved over the top of Naples, Florida, the president visited Naples Estates to survey the damage. Instead of staying in his car, he got out and helped hand out meals to that community’s residents. Irma knocked out power in parts of Naples for nearly two weeks.

The president knows that being in the White House is more than enforcing laws. It is about taking care of people. Democrats have lost sight of that principle. They would rather enact their own views instead of doing the people’s will in the districts they represent.

The exact amount of his offering is not well known. In fact, it is no one’s business but his own regarding his tithing to the Lord.

Nevada is a Democrat-controlled state that is moving forward with mail-in ballots because the liberals had made everyone fearful of breathing the outside air. They maintain that COVID-19 is still as deadly as ever and still needs to be contained. Their logic behind such ideas is flawed as other states have opened up with no issues at all.

Not everyone is a fan of the mail-in ballot. The risk of the Democrats cheating is too significant. The majority of people will show up in person to cast their votes for President Trump. Liberals have just done too much damage to themselves to think that they are going to win in November.

President attracted more votes than most of the Republicans campaigning in the past in Nevada. And now that he has proven himself to the millions of voters, they are flocking to his camp. President Trump is going to turn heads in November as blue states turn red. People are just tired of the lies and fear coming from the Democratic Party.

The nation has never been better. President Trump not only made the country great again, but he put it on a path to keep on being great. The economy has never been more robust. And the pandemic effect was short-lived. He is what the nation needs for another four years.