Texas Governor Wins Big as Court Sides With Him to Protect Election Integrity

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at the gubernatorial debate at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, Friday evening, Sept. 28, 2018, LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin 09/28/2018

The issue of mail-in ballots is causing division within the United States. Democrats want the mail-in option so they can set up centers to harvest ballots. They know that they are going to lose if they cannot find a way to cheat and add numbers to their vote count. President Trump stands against the idea because of the risk that has already been shown in areas where harvestings ballots have been discovered. And each time they were Democrats behind the illegal activity.

Texas has taken an innovative approach to keeping the Democrats from cheating in the election. Governor Greg Abbott’s idea was to limit the number of drop locations. He is only allowing one drop location per county in the state.

His decision to limit the drop locations has angered the Democrats to the point that they took the order to the court. The liberals were able to get a lower court to stop the orders and open up new drop locations. They got the liberal judge to side with them so they could start to cheat and harvest votes.

Governor Abbott was not going to take their actions lying down. Abbott took the matter to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and they ruled that his orders were going to stand. The governor has the right to keep the election fair and keep the Democrats from cheating their way to power. The Democrats are seething mad and ravenous because they do not have the right to cheat and cover it up.

The judges’ panel came alongside the governor and agreed that security means more than the inconvenience that voters have by traveling to one location. The one location idea keeps ballots from being lost and the Democrats from adding to their small pile.

The Democrats use straw-man arguments to win over people into thinking that they need multiple drop locations. They tell people that the Republicans are trying to prevent them from voting. These are arguments and unfounded accusations that are not true at all. The liberals use fake facts to stir up trouble and bad feelings toward people on the other side.

Abbott’s rules allow one drop location per county. It is not based on the population. The Democrats believe that it should be based on population. So, they would say that the more people in the county means more drop locations. But that is not a good way to stage drop locations as they would be easier to lose.

The judges that sided with the governor were all appointed by President Trump. This alone drives the Democrats crazy because they hate him and anyone that associates with him. The judges stated that there were not fraud cases needed to justify the need for the restrictions.

Many liberals hate the idea and claim that people will not want to travel a distance to drop off their ballots. But what they fail to say is that they have the option of mailing them in or voting in person. This commonsense idea was reiterated by the judges that stated those that refused to come and drop it off could mail them in and show up in person at the voter’s box.

The Democrats love liberal federal judges because they tend to vote by party lines instead of interpreting the law. The Western District of Texas stated that Abbott could not limit the drop locations because the elderly would be at a higher risk. But the same conditions apply to them as well in that they can mail the ballot in or vote in person.

Texas is a significant battleground for the president and sad Biden. They need their voters to be able to get to the voter’s box. But the Republicans do not have anything to worry about because they do not fear being infected, so that they will vote in person. But the Democrats are so scared that they need multiple locations. But their main goal is to try and cheat their way into power. President Trump is the only fair candidate running for the White House.