Teen Killed Because She Embarrassed the Family

A baby is a beautiful addition to any family. Even when a person makes a mistake that ends with the creation of a baby, the baby has the right to live. And so does the mother. The sad story of a teenager from Texas starts with his admission that he killed his sister because she was pregnant and not going to be married. He states that she was an “embarrassment to their family.” The sad excuse for a brother tried to make her death look like a suicide. The woman that was killed never stood a chance at the hands of her brother. He should have at least been the one to protect her because they were family.

The boyfriend of Viridana Arevalo told the police that she was missing. There was a note that was planted that told everyone that she was going to kill herself. But that note was written by her pathetic brother. Arevalo was eight months pregnant when her life was snuffed out by her brother. Not only did her brother kill her, but he also killed the little baby. The police from Colony, Texas discovered that the note was fake and that she had been murdered.

They later arrested her 19-year-old scum bag brother, Eduardo Arevalo, and charged him with capital murder. The victim’s body was later found in an alley. This is a person that did not have any value in life. He acted like the Democrats do when they are faced with an unwanted baby. They simply murder the baby. In this case, the family did not want the daughter anymore, and they found a way to kill her for simply having a baby. The victim’s brother also stated that “it would be better off that she wasn’t here.” He acted like a god and killed her because of the image that it would have on the family. There is something dramatically wrong with these people that value image over life. The victim at least was going to have the baby. And one can only guess what hateful things were said to her before this horrible day.

Aaron Woodard from the police department stated that “It’s not what our officers and detectives wanted to be dealing with two days before Christmas.” This is one of those stories that hit everyone this time of the year. No one wants to hear about the evil that is in the hearts of certain criminals. The victim trusted her brother and fell victim to his hatred of her as he strangled her to death.

The boy did not even think twice as he watched the struggle and life fade away from his sister. Once he killed her, he simply threw her body in the car and drove it an hour away from where he opened the door and pushed her out. What is even worse is that he went back and picked up the body and brought it closer to home and then put it in the alley. In his own words he would state that “As the week went on, Eduardo stated that he wanted his family to know where Viri was so he went and picked up her body and brought her back Sunday morning in the early morning hours and dumped her body in the alleyway.” As slick as the criminal was he could not get away from all the surveillance videos in the area.

In a way, he was his own worst enemy. He went back to the crime scene and did more. This was the turning point of his arrest. This sad criminal has forever ruined a family. Christmas will never be the same because he will spend it in prison where he belongs for the rest of his life. The parent’s part in all of this remains a mystery. They will forever have to wrestle with the notion of why their son thought she would be an embarrassment to the family for having a baby out of wedlock. They will have to decide if the lessons they taught their children about family and life were correct or not. Based on what has transpired their views of such things are warped. And two people had to die to teach them life matters more than image.