Schumer Cries Like a Baby to Block Supreme Court Hearing

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer meets with Judge Merrick Garland to discuss Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The Democrats are starting to breakdown and do all sorts of things to show their frustration. They are living in a world of their own making. From the moment President Trump took office, they have lied, cheated, and tried to steal the Oval Office. They have resisted working with the president to the point that some of their voters are defecting to the president’s side. And now that another justice spot has opened up, they are frantically trying to decide how they can save their souls.

Chuck Schumer is the biggest baby of them all. The Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, should be a leveled-headed person as he leads the Democrats to work with Republicans. But when he found out about the possibility of a vote on a new Supreme Court position, he jumped off the deep end.

Marco Rubio, another Senator, stated that Schumer threw a “temper tantrum” right in the Senate’s middle. He canceled an intelligence briefing because of what was about to happen with the Supreme Court’s position.

The intelligence briefing was supposed to deal with the problem of election interference. Schumer and other whiny Democrats complained that there were not enough meetings that dealt with the issue, so they demanded more. And the moment they get more briefings on the matter, they cancel and do not show up.

They saw a more significant issue looming on the horizon and moved toward the issue. They intentionally left one big issue for another that could bolster their reelection chances. Schumer’s tantrum shows they are all desperate. They need something that they can sink their teeth into in order to stay alive in November.

Marco Rubio is also the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He responded to the demands of crazy liberals by giving them more intel. But now they have left him holding the documents because they really never cared about the issue. They were trying to make his life miserable since they were not the ones in control.

The entire fight over intelligence started when John Ratcliffe, who is the director of national intelligence, made it known that he would stop meeting in person with people because the Democrats were leaking classified information to sources with the intention of interfering in the election.

The information in question was related to foreign governments. The Democrats were using these facts as a means of attacking the president and influencing the election to their favor. The director decided it best to only meet with a few people in a committee-like setting to keep the leaks to a minimum.

The meetings were all scheduled and ready to happen, but Schumer got wet eyes and canceled at the last minute. When Rubio asked for support to go ahead with the briefing, Schumer spoke up just enough to block the meeting from happening.

Schumer was quoted as saying, “Reserving the right to object because the Senate Republicans have no respect for the institution, we won’t have business as usual here in the Senate. I object.” The very thing he accuses the Republicans of doing regarding the vote, he was doing with his objection.

The president has the Constitutional right to nominate and push for a confirmation vote when a Supreme Court position comes open. The Democrats lie when they claim that it is illegal for him to take such action in the last year of his term. They are making up laws to try and save their liberal vote on the matter.

Rubio calls Schumer out regarding his fit when he said, “The Senate Intelligence Committee was scheduled to have a briefing today with Director Evanina, who leads our nation’s election security efforts. However, Senator Schumer had a temper tantrum over the Supreme Court and used a procedural move to cancel the Committee’s briefing.”

Schumer is trying to delay, so a vote will not happen. He figures if he can slow things enough, he will be able to use up any time left to hold a vote until next year. But President Trump is not delaying. He knows the person he wants for the job, and it will be done according to the laws of the land.