Savannah Guthrie Gets Ripped to Shreds After Doing NBC’s Dirty Work at Town Hall

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie has been on the receiving end of huge pushback after her treatment of President Donald Trump on Thursday evening. Guthrie hosted a town hall-style event during which she asked various questions of the president in light of his reelection campaign. The event was held in place of the second presidential election which was canceled last week.

Guthrie not only works for a network that the president and many conservatives consider to be anti-Trump, but her husband was also former Democrat Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff during his 2000 presidential campaign. Guthrie was continually combative toward the president. Her attitude toward Trump seemed to be in stark juxtaposition to what was happening over on ABC News, where Democrat candidate Joe Biden was handed seemingly friendly and even soft questions.

The attitude of the networks didn’t sit well with a number of journalists and media personalities, such as media reporter Joe Concha who pointed out Guthrie’s continued aggressive posture toward the president when he wrote: “Trump denounces White Supremacy multiple times. Savannah Guthrie follows by accusing Trump of dodging. This is already an absolute joke. And does the audience get to ask questions? Trump pushes back by asking why Lester Holt didn’t ask about Antifa. Trump denounces white supremacy a good four times. Guthrie: ‘It sounds like you’re dodging.’”

Concha was joined by political commentator Lisa Boothe who questioned, “Why is Savannah Guthrie debating President Trump? I thought this was a town hall. The media is garbage these days.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld also piled on, tweeting: “NBC is embarrassing itself. worse than expected. Guthrie is like a poorly disguised ambush. Even [sic] she follows up with planned questions after the ‘townhall’ question. what a horrible show trial.”

Political commentator and former NBC host Megyn Kelly noted: “So far, this is not a town hall for voters, it is designed to appease the angry NBC employees/Dems who are pissed off Trump’s on NBC at all.” Reuters reporter James Oliphant also showed frustration when he said, “Savannah Guthrie tougher on Trump than most, but he also fought back and was better in this arena than he was in the first debate.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer weighed in on Guthrie’s actions saying, “I just switched to NBC since ABC is in a commercial. Savanah Guthrie has interrupted Trump in these 60 seconds more than Stephanopoulos has done to Biden in 40 mins. NBC is an interrogation. ABC is a picnic.”

Conservative political commentator Dana Loesch also said, “Guthrie’s performance here shows there is difference between being aggressive and being undisciplined,” and Federalist co-founder Sean Davis tweeted: “It’s turning into a nightmare for NBC News and Guthrie, who is now reading a question from a Biden voter (not her, someone else) about stimulus legislation, which Pelosi is blocking. Guthrie claims the Biden voter (again, not her) is ‘stuck in traffic.’”

Former Secret Service agent and conservative powerhouse Dan Bongino tweeted his disgust: “Savannah Guthrie is, without a doubt, the worst moderator I have ever seen,” and former Fox News superstar Bill O’Reilly didn’t hold back when he tweeted, “This NBC thing with Mr. Trump is a complete setup. Ms. Guthrie is hostile. Meanwhile, it’s a smooch fest between Stephanopolus and Biden on ABC.”

It’s unclear if the network expected the host to be impartial, but if they did, they were sorely disappointed, as columnist Byron York pointed out when he tweeted: “It’s fine if NBC wants to have a Trump vs. Guthrie debate. Just don’t call it a town hall.”

The Daily Caller’s Logan Hall took a sarcastic tone, saying “congrats to savannah guthrie [sic] on her new job working for the biden campaign.”