Progressives Fed up With Biden/Harris Refusal to Take Stand on Court Packing

The question is being asked over and over again but Biden and Harris do not want to offer a straight answer. It’s not like anyone is pulling the court-packing concerns out of thin air, either. The Democratic party is responsible for all of the speculations that are currently taking place. They have been floating the idea in the Senate for a bit now.

If they win the election, they could very well decide to pack the courts and seize control of Washington. A bill would need to pass through Congress and the sitting president would need to sign it. From there, the Article III branch of government would be dramatically remade. Joe Biden now knows that this is a major presidential issue.

When Biden was asked the question during the first presidential debate, though? He demurred and clearly did not want to talk about it. Wallace asked him directly and the response was….interesting. “Whatever the position I take on that, that will become the issue. The issue is the American people should speak. You should go out and vote. You’re in voting now. Vote and let your senators know how strongly you feel. Vote now. Make sure you in fact let people know,” Biden said.

That doesn’t sound like much of an answer at all, does it? It’s the usual Biden gibberish word salad. Trump started needling Biden about his unwillingness to answer the question and he was ready to snap. Some will remember this as the “would you shut up, man?” moment. Biden had heard enough of the “radical left” talk from Trump, that was for sure.

Biden has dodged questions in the past but this is a very, very blunt way of doing so. He’s not looking to have any real policy discussions with President Trump. If he does, he is then forced to explain any ideas that he may have. Right now, he has successfully been able to turn the election into a never-ending conversation about the current president.

It’s actually a pretty smart strategy because it keeps Joe Biden from having to spend too much time explaining himself. The strategy would probably work a bit better if Biden wasn’t making it so obvious. Americans are not huge fans of the current president, by and large. It’s not like they are massive Biden fans either, though. He might be overplaying his hand if he is not careful.

Ducking questions is a political art form and he just might want to take some lessons. His running mate, Kamala Harris, was cornered by Jake Tapper on the same exact matter recently. She did not pull a Biden here. Instead of flat out refusing to answer the question, she came up with a way to flip the question back on Tapper.

Tapper’s response was absolutely priceless but this is a masterclass on how it’s done. “I will respectfully note that you also declined to answer that question with me. Senator Kamala Harris, I appreciate your time this evening. Thank you so much,” he said and we chuckled from a very healthy place. Kamala knows how to say a lot without actually saying anything.

That’s what politics are all about, especially as we get closer to Election Day. When Tapper spoke to Abby Phillip about this tactic, her answer was illuminating. “They won’t answer that question because this is sort of like the Medicare for all of the general election. Which is that there is an idea that is being talked about on the left of their party and they want to stay in the middle. That is why they won’t answer the question,” she correctly observed.

The analogy is great and we could not agree more. If there is another debate, Trump needs to start hammering away at Biden’s actual track record and his policies. By always lunging to interrupt him, he is doing more harm than good. Letting Biden speak freely is one of the best possible strategies right now.