NYC Candidate Who Stood Up to de Blasio Becomes Target of Liberal Hate

The violence that was once reported on by the liberal media has mostly been ignored. Democrats at the various government levels were getting nervous as the violence grew, and they were getting close to being linked to its support. But that has not stopped the violent offenders from imprisoning regions of the country in fear. A liberal taught philosophy fuels Their selfishness and greed that laziness pays off.

The Democrats are stepping up their attacks on their opponents at all levels of government. They are even resorting to setting people up and making sure they are arrested. One such person is the New York City Council candidate Heshy Tischler. He was arrested Sunday evening on charges of unlawful imprisonment and starting a riot.

No one can blame the police for doing their job. Tischler seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He maintains that Mayor de Blasio set him up because he is an opponent of the liberal terrorism raining down on New York City.

Tischler is a person that helped open playgrounds after they closed because of the coronavirus. It was during this event that he would say, “The only way you’re getting these chains back Mr. Mayor, is if you’re coming to get me.” He said these words after he pulled the chains off a closed playground located in an ultra-Orthodox community.

Tischler is a supporter of President Trump, which is why the liberals New York would hate the man so much. Tischler’s situation is a picture of what life will be like under Joe Biden’s terrible rule. People that stand up against tyranny will be hauled off in dark vans and never seen again.

Tischler is a voice that speaks out against the oppression that de Blasio and the rest of the progressive Democrats are unleashing on the public all across the country. The lockdowns and commerce killing methods of the city Democrats are destroying the great city of New York.

Tischler is running for a spot on the city council to make a difference for everyone living there. Many within the Orthodox community believe that de Blasio has targeted them and pushed his criminal laws without cause. But the Democrats are using the coronavirus to hide their hatred and rough treatment of religious people.

Blima Marcus is an ultra-Orthodox practitioner in Borough Park, and she stated that “When your leadership doesn’t step forward it leaves a vacuum for the fringe people to step up. That’s where this Heschy Tischler comes in.” De Blasio and his hit squad of liberals have failed the people of New York.

During the demonstration where it appeared, the Tischler was inciting the riot and actions against Jacob Kornbluh. A video was produced that showed his actions. He stated that he would be turning himself in to the police after the weekend. But it appears that he has been tricked.

Mayor de Blasio stated that there was an arrest that was about to be made. Tischler noted that “I called, I even spoke to the chief. They tricked me. They’re telling everybody that I was supposed to be arrested tomorrow.” It appears that de Blasio set up the arrest in an attempt to silence his opposition.

Tischler’s acts of violence, should they be proven true, are never right. But when the liberal mayor steps in and makes a politically motivated arrest, it shows the Democratic Party’s new low.

Tischler’s lawyer is Sara Shulevitz. She stated that “He is not guilty and this is a politically motivated arrest and the truth will come out.” De Blasio needs some political victory to use in his march as mayor. And this incident gave him a perfect chance to make headlines.

These kinds of actions by the Democrats to gain fame at the expense of innocent Americans happen all of the time. The victims are silenced, and the criminal’s reign free is Biden’s utopia of crime. His pandemic hatred and criminal background are a perfect picture of the heart of the Democratic Party. They will bring destruction to America if they are allowed to assume control in a few weeks.