MSNBC’s Truly Idiotic Idea to Punish Trump Voters

The left has been known to have some truly idiotic ideas. However, the most idiotic ones are usually kept silent. Leave it to an MSNBC host to vocalize it – and the idea should chill every American straight to the bone.

Trump voters should be punished. How? That’s really the only question left – but according to MSNBC host Chris Hayes, the only thing to do with Trump voters once Biden gets into office is to offer some kind of “truth and reconciliation commission.”

Whatever a truth and reconciliation commission is sounds a lot like what the Nazis did when they wanted to deal with “those people” in the concentration camps. As if Hayes felt the need to make sure people knew what he meant, he tweeted that it’s “the most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people.”

The Dems are continuously proving that the way they want to rule is with an iron fist – and with a top-down authority that is sounding more and more like a dictatorship than anything else. Then, because they don’t want to be accused of such a thing, they send up the smokescreen by pointing the finger at Trump and calling him the dictator.

Liberal media outlets around the country are trying to figure out what they need to do. They’ve been blaming the pandemic on Trump not wearing a mask. Now, Trump has tested positive, improved, gotten out of the hospital, and is wearing a mask. This goes against everything that they have been trying to say about the pandemic. It turns out that people over the age of 70 can survive – and with Trump wearing a mask, they have lost a significant amount of their dialogue.

With Chris Hayes talking seriously about punishing Trump voters, plenty of Republicans have taken notice. Although the Democrats want to say that it’s a crazy conspiracy theory that if they were to gain power, they would turn the country communist and send all Trump voters into concentration camps. Meanwhile, Hayes is essentially saying that it will happen.

Someone at MSNBC may want to talk with Chris Hayes. Just a few days ago, he tweeted that “this all has a deeply Soviet feel.” Republicans assumed that he was taking a shot at Trump, considering that is one of the things that he does best. However, he may have been hinting about something regarding his own party since he is talking about a truth and reconciliation commission.

What does that even mean? No one is asking the question for fear of getting a terrifying answer.

The Democrats have already proven that they can lose an election without having a complete meltdown. In 2016, they assumed that Hillary Clinton was a guaranteed win. When Pres. Trump one instead, they couldn’t understand. They couldn’t understand how or parts of the country wanted to see a Republican in office as opposed to a crooked Clinton with countless strikes against her.

Now, here we are again. 2020 is looking to bring about yet another meltdown from the Democratic Party. Rather than looking at the qualifications of the candidates, they simply feel that they will win no matter what. Perhaps they have rigged everything to the point that they figure it’s guaranteed. However, anyone sitting back and thinking that Joe Biden is capable of winning the election for them needs to have their mental capacity checked just as much as Biden does.

At this point, we should be thankful that Chris Hayes isn’t the one running for president. If he truly believes that the most “humane” way of dealing with Trump voters is to send people through a commission where they potentially stand judgment, the liberal media may have finally gone too far.

It’s bad enough that if the Democrats gain power, every person with a pale complexion will need to go through sensitivity training to learn how to be less white. And yet, the GOP is the one that has a problem with race?