More Illegal Activity Between Hunter Biden and China?

Let’s face it – Hunter Biden doesn’t help Joe Biden to look any better as a candidate. There’s been a lot of talk about just how much Joe has used his influential status as VP to get his son out of some shady deals. Hunter has certainly been using his last name to make quite a fortune.

The problem is that Hunter Biden may have some criminal ties to China – and a new Senate report shows some of the details.

Senate Republicans have just issued a giant report regarding the business dealings that Hunter Biden has had in China – and it doesn’t look so good. The problem with the report coming out now is that some of the damage has already been done. Many say that with such incriminating evidence as the report holds, Biden may not have won the presidential nomination.

So, now what?

The report has to stand on its own as a way to identify just what Joe Biden’s son has been up to. The report shows how Hunter Biden has received millions by the ex-mayor of Moscow’s wife. Oh, and there may be ties to human trafficking.

Most people recognize Hunter Biden’s name in relation to some of his dealings with Ukraine and the company Burisma. However, the Senate report shows that he’s had even more dealings with politically connected foreign officials from such countries as Russia and China.

Exactly why would Hunter Biden be doing business deals with Chinese officials who have connections with the People’s Liberation Army and the communist government? This is what more and more people are starting to ask.

According to the Senate Report, investigations show that Hunter Biden has been leveraging his network of connections for years. It allowed him to create an investment firm known as Bohai Harvest RST in Shanghai, which involves investing Chinese capital in an array of overseas projects. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that the financial group received approval for a Chinese business license after Hunter Biden arranged meetings on a 2013 government trip to China that he accompanied his father (the vice president at the time) on. Both of them flew aboard Air Force Two.

Did Joe Biden know what his son was up to? It would be kind of hard for him not to, considering he accompanied Hunter on the trip. As to whether Joe sat in the room as the deals were made is unknown – but he essentially flew his son to China to help make these questionable business deals.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the investment firm is controlled and funded “primarily by large Chinese government-owned shareholders.” Further, the firm is intertwined with the Chinese government, and decisions are made by Communist Party leaders.

Hunter Biden helped Ye Jianming, the founder of CEFC China Energy Co. Ltd, make a $40 million investment for a natural gas project in Louisiana. While the project didn’t work out, it still means that Biden is helping those intertwined with the Chinese government to invest around the country and the globe.

Soon after, Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese national associated with Ye, applied to a bank and opened a credit line under the name of Hudson West III. Hunter and James Biden, along with James Biden’s wife Sara, all had credit cards associated with eh account. It wasn’t long before the Bidens went on a shopping spree where they purchased over $100,000 worth of extravagant items.

All of this is important as to whether Joe Biden can be an effective president. His son has made millions off of his potentially illegal ties to China. When the United States needs to stand up to China and draw a line in the sand, is Joe Biden capable of doing this? Or, does Joe Biden have just as many connections to China as his son? Considering that China has covered up the engineering of the Wu hand coronavirus, it is clear that China is no longer a friend of the US.