Mail-In Ballot Toilet Display Declared a Crime

It won’t be shocking to pretty much anyone that mail-in voting is a controversial issue, to say the least, especially this year. We know this because, as we are still entitled to our First Amendment right to free speech, the opinions we hold on such an issue have been discussed at great lengths for some time now. But apparently, not everyone thinks the topic should be available for just anyone to talk about or mention.

Take the Ingham County, Michigan, Clerk Barb Byrum, for example.

Byrum has recently found fault with an anonymous resident of Mason, Michigan who has set up a rather comical display of his feelings towards mail-in voting in his front yard.

Sitting behind an apparently extra toilet, the homeowner has is a large sign that reads, “Place Mail In Ballots Here” with an arrow pointing to the toilet.

He or she clearly isn’t impressed with the option of mail-in voting for this year’s general election and is likely sending the message that by participating in mail-in voting you might as well be casting your vote to the sewer system.

It’s also just about as plain as day that the entire set up is meant to be a joke. I’m mean, who in their right mind would actually think about placing their ballots in a toilet on some guy’s yard with the hope that it would actually be counted?

But, apparently, Byrum thinks this guy’s literal toilet humor is of no laughing matter. According to her, she fears this will only confuse the already stressful voting system this year.

Apparently, she has a rather low view of the intellectual abilities of the citizens in her county.

She told the State Journal on Friday, “Elections in this county are to be taken seriously and there are many people who are voting by mail for the first time this election.”

I’m sorry, but is she actually implying that she thinks because people are voting by mail for the first time they won’t understand that putting a ballot into a toilet in the middle of a yard won’t count? How stupid does she think people are?

Even if they don’t understand all the ins and outs of how mail-in or absentee voting works, surely, they know how the local mail carrier system operates. If they don’t, they are either far too young to vote or aren’t exactly the type of people you really want voting.

And because Byrum obviously thinks her fellow Ingham County residents are that dumb, she says this guy is breaking the law.

In fact, she even called the cops on him. As she told the State Journal, “It’s solicitation of absentee ballots into a container.” And later added, “It is a felony to take illegal possession of an absentee ballot.”

Now, about the legality of possessing someone else’s absentee ballot, she is spot on. It is indeed a crime, a federal offense actually, as it basically the theft of votes. If caught with an illegally possessed ballot, Michiganders would face up to five years in jail and a $1,000 fine.

But, once again, this would only be a sustainable argument should someone (or several someone’s) actually place their ballots in the toilet on this individual’s lawn. And since this has likely been taken as the joke that it is by just about everyone but Byrum, it’s doubtful anyone ever will.

(It is ironic that Byrum, of all people, can’t see the humor in this obvious display of comedy, as she is known to regularly post corny “dad jokes” on her Twitter account accompanied by the hashtag #JokeThenVote. Then again, liberals have never been known for seeing things very clearly or rationally.)

Byrum is also of the mind that Trump is also to blame for this “mockery.” She says, he is “encouraging people to lose faith in the absentee voting process.” And Byrum continued, “This kind of behavior needs to be quashed immediately. They are making a mockery of our elections. I’m not going to stand idly by and watch it happen.”

Not that a single police officer, judge, or jury will spend much time on this, if any. They will look it at is as a rational person would, noting that this individual has the right to free speech and can proudly display his or her opinion in their front yard, should they choose to do so.

Byrum simply not agreeing with it or not thinking very highly of her neighbors matters not.