House Wants to Know If Pentagon used Ticks as Biological Weapons

The House lawmakers must be bored with themselves is they are taking up issues that are so insignificant or fake that they believe the Pentagon is working with ticks to make them biological weapons. Ticks are insects that spread diseases and to claim that the military is making them into biological weapons is just insane.

The lawmaker that is pushing the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is Chris Smith from New Jersey. No person ever wants to hear that their trusted leaders use biological weapons. But this past week Smith read some reports that led him to believe that it was happening.

Smith is a strong advocate for the awareness of Lyme disease. He wants to see that people are aware of their existence and what they can do to protect themselves. This is not a bad cause to support except it appears that he is going off the deep end and the Democratic House is helping him over.

The House is wanting to know if the Pentagon authorized the release of ticks carrying Lyme Disease on the general population. They also want to know who is responsible for it and how all of this came about to be approved by leaders.

The Democrats have got to be going crazy. There is a more important issue to deal with than something that happened between the 1950s and 1975. There are more important things that the House could be doing than looking into something that may or may not have happened decades ago. Lyme Disease is a big issue and it is spread by ticks. But right now there are more important things for the House to be dealing with.

The Democrats need to get serious and stop wasting time and get to work. They have done nothing but point fingers and cry about being called names. When the big issues have been dealt with there will still be plenty of time to investigate possible wrongs done in the past. But now is not that time. Smith has a legitimate reason for pushing for this. If the Defense Department was responsible, then there needs to be accountability. If they are responsible, then do they have the cure of hiding in some laboratory someplace that needs to be given up so it can be given to those that live with Lyme Disease.

It is no secret that the military has done experiments like this in the past or that there are secret facilities in existence. Area 51 is one of those places. The government tests new aircraft designs there. And yet all the secrecy has led some to believe that aliens are living there. Many believe it so much that they willing to die to expose the secret. And yet with ticks being programmed to carry Lyme Disease is another version of people buying into lies perpetuated by people that do not trust their leaders.

The distrust that many Americans have for their leaders comes as a result of the Democratic Party lying to the people of the country and doing things that are shady and illegal. The people of America are tired of the loony left lying to them and backbiting each other. They are tired of the fighting that many of them promote. They are tired of the fake stories and actions that are coming down from the top in an attempt to divert attention away from the illegal activities that the Democrats are involved in.

All of Smith’s beliefs are the result of so-called research done on the subject of using ticks as bioweapons. There has been no concrete proof found that this has been the case. The bill that the loony left is promoting is based on fictional data. It based on information that has never been proven.

It is nothing more than rumors from a person seeking answers about a deadly disease. And Smith has every reason to ask for an answer, and he should. But the House should not be trying to act on fiction or unproved data. The Democratic party and the other lawmakers should have Smith find fact before introducing a bill requiring the Pentagon to waster resources to investigate something that happened decades ago. The loony left will take anything seriously that they believe will harm President Trump or those that he has supported or placed in a position of leadership.