Homeowners Are Furious: Targeted by Liberals for Cleanup of Homeless Mess

The Democrats have a way of blaming everyone else for their failures. They have failed to help the homeless which has led to the messes scattered around the state. Now they are passing the cost of their failures onto the people. The issue came down to which people owned the land. The homeless did not care whose land it was the settled on and the Democrats do not care who gets the bill as long as it is not themselves.

For two long years, Alameda County and the Lakewood Homeowners Association would fight over who owned the land. It was finally found that the camp encroached onto the property that belonged to the Homeowners Association. But like every Democrat they would use that excuse to make them pay for the whole bill. The breakdown would be $300 per person living in the neighborhood.

The county should have sucked up and taken care of the bill. But the horrid Democrats do not want to take responsibility for their own mistakes. They failed to help the homeless and provide them with a place to camp and live. So now the Walsh Property Management is having to tell their people they have to pay for it. Many of the homeowners do not believe it is their responsibility.

The malicious Democrats are viewing the people of the region as what one resident called “collateral damage.” The people within the association were not aware that the disputed land was part of their care. So, assumptions were made which has led to the wicked fight between the two factions.

The homeowners had to deal with the crime, loud music and a lot of other things while the camp was in operation. And now they have to deal with the unpleasant filth of people that for the most part do not care about the property of others. The environment changed from a safe and inviting place to a high-crime and unsafe place to go outside. The revolting Democrats know that these camps are a problem, but they refuse to do anything to help them dissolve. So, the camps simply move around the state.

Public laws are in place to keep these kinds of things from happening to law-abiding people. The sad state of the Democrat’s failure to enforce the law on the homeless has led to these gang camps popping up all over the state. Citizens are no longer safe to walk around their blocks because of the homeless predators seeking people to rob and steal from. Enforcing laws is good for people. It shows that others care about them enough to not let live in repugnant conditions.

The Democrats just do not care about people. This is why they do not enforce laws that are in place to keep communities free from crime and horrible people. This is the same issue that plagued the state earlier with the wildfires. The nauseating Democrats blamed the people for the fires. So, they shut off their electricity until the fire threat was over. This once again proves that they just don’t care about people.

Instead of trying to make people feel good, which is next to impossible. The ghastly Democrats need to let the Republicans take charge. At least they know to make life good for all Americans and not just themselves. In every case where the Democrats have come to power failure and destruction are close behind. They just have a way of fouling everything up. And those messes that they created take responsible and wise people years to clean up. Something that President Trump has had to deal with for the past three years. When Obama left office, he left a mess for President Trump to fix.