Girl’s Compromising Their Health to Avoid Boys in Bathrooms

The liberal agenda is destined to mess everything up as they push to confuse the natural boundaries between men and women. In several countries around the world, there is a push for people to be able to use any restroom that they want. Just as long as they identify as the type of person that is supposed to use that bathroom. And for everyone else, they are supposed to use a unisex bathroom. For a unisex bathroom, it does not matter what you identify as you can use if you want to.

Men can use the women’s bathroom and women can use the men’s bathroom. The problem with this concept is that women are being raped and abused by stupid men that cannot control their sexual desires. So now there is a fear of women when they have to use the bathroom. Especially younger girls that are being intimidated by men standing in their bathroom. As a result, women are refusing to go to the bathroom until they get to their own homes. This is beginning to lead to health problems for these women.

In schools, this problem is the worst. Sometime a girl will refuse to attend school because of the threat of rape or sexual abuse at the hand of another male student. In some cases, the girl will not use the restroom until they get home. And in extreme cases, they are refusing to drink water at all. These problems have come up because some stupid liberal thought it would be a good idea to have gender-neutral bathrooms. And like a good liberal none of them listen to the students or the parents that have overwhelmingly stated that they do not want gender-neutral restrooms.

Liberals are all about the minority. If one person out of a million feels that they want their bathroom, then the stupid liberal will make the rest of the million suffer for it. The United States is a nation where the majority rules. If the minority does not like what is being done, they can find other ways of changing things legally. But making the majority pay for the one that is being stupid will never be fair in a free society.

The fact is unisex toilets set girls up for rape and a lot of other problems. Girls are refusing to care for themselves because they are being told that they must use bathrooms with boys staring at them. Boys are stupid and should never be allowed in the girl’s restroom. Women need a place where they can take care of themselves properly without the stupid boy making comments regarding things he does not understand.

The sad part about the liberal’s agenda is that they will never impose these kinds of rules for themselves. The liberal elite will be immune from such laws. This means they will never hold the stupid standard of unisex bathroom use for themselves. They will make sure that they have their place to go. Public officials have also tried to ignore the issue after the change was already made. But when so many people are vocalizing their concerns and hatred for an idea it is time for a change.

What is sad is what one official has stated about the topic “Those of us who are middle-aged are a long way behind the thinking of people who are 15. That doesn’t make us wrong or right, but we wanted to give kids the sense that their opinions in this sort of area are valid. We wanted to show children that they can have useful, interesting opinions about science or topics relating to science without needing to be a scientist.” This statement is full of problems. The liberal agenda is trying to give kids the choice of what they want in life. Children are not mentally capable of making the right choice regarding things they do not understand fully.

Girls at school should not have to deal with the stupidity of dumb adults that have forgotten what it is like to be a child. Girls have issues that boys will never understand at their young age. Provisions should not have to be made to protect girls. Just leave the bathroom set up the way it has been since humanity first was created.