General American View: Minimum Wage Hike To $15 Worth It?

Bernie Sanders and plenty of the other so-called progressives like to tout the promise that an increase to $15 for the minimum wage is what’s best for America. Sanders wants to raise the wage, promising that it’s good for workers and the economy. However, there’s quite a bit that he’s not saying. Americans are seeing through the empty promises, too, with most people not wanting the minimum wage to go skyrocketing upward.

Survey Says: Americans are Not on Board

A nationwide survey was conducted to see if people really want to see the minimum wage increase to $15 by 2025 in exchange for the possibility of losing as many as 3.7 million jobs that aren’t paying that amount of money.

54 percent of respondents wouldn’t want to make the trade. Another 26 percent say that they’re not sure if it’s a good one or not. Only 20 percent are fully behind the idea, which means that Sanders and some of the other 2020 primary candidates need to think twice about pushing the minimum wage as part of their platform.

What happens to workers?

There’s a reason that potentially 3.7 million jobs would be on the line if the minimum wage goes up. Countless businesses can’t afford to pay their workers that much money. Based on the Congressional Budget Officer, those jobs would be eliminated entirely instead of simply paying that money. Plenty of businesses have already begun to protect their business model – creating self-checkout registers in grocery stores and order screens in place of cashiers at fast-food establishments.

The employees who are currently only making a small amount of over $15 may or may not see a pay increase. This means that there’s likely to be many upset employees because they have worked hard to get to the rate of pay that they are at while others can begin making $15 an hour immediately simply because of what the Dems are doing in the White House.

The Alternative

Several polls have shown that there is an alternative to the economy without getting rid of two to three million jobs. 71 percent of Americans would like to see minimum wage adjusted to reflect the cost of living in various parts of the country – with areas like NYC and Los Angeles getting a higher minimum wage than places like Iowa or Nebraska.

Another poll question shows that 63 percent would rather see a better apprentice and trade school system so that poverty can be eliminated more effectively than a higher minimum wage.

It comes down to people needing to work for the pay increase. While it’s understandable that minimum wage cannot support a family for four, it was never intended to do so. Minimum wage is for high school and college students who are just entering the workforce. They have no education or experience to help them in the job field. The $15 minimum wage hike would be for everyone across the board – 16-year-olds as well as those who are trying to support a family of four on a single income.

Those who have families to support need to get something more than a minimum wage job – not complain that the rate is too low. They need to go to a trade school or college or work in order to move up the corporate ladder.

Minimum Wage Hikes Won’t Even Fix Everything

Just because the minimum wage goes up doesn’t mean that anything is fixed. The companies that have no choice but to pay more than $15 an hour will have to raise the costs of goods and services to be able to have enough money to complete the payroll every month. This means that costs are going to be on the rise in every industry. What people used to be able to buy with $10 could take $12 or $14. It will only be a matter of time before $15 is no longer sufficient, either.

Dems aren’t paying attention to the polls or the numbers. They insist that raising the minimum wage to help 17 million workers will only have a small economic tradeoff. Even economists show that low-wage workers will spend extra earnings immediately in comparison to creating savings accounts and working to get out of their financial deficits.

With so many people against the minimum wage hike, it’s incredulous to believe that Sanders and so many other Dems are still promoting it as one of the best things that they can do for America.