Dems Need Votes So Desperately That They’ll Pay Felon Fines

The desperation shown by the Dems during this election is unlike anything the country has ever seen. They are terrified that Trump is going to be reelected and the only weapon they have is Biden. They know what we know – Biden isn’t capable of winning the election on his own. So, they’ll do everything they can to get the votes.

Mike Bloomberg has more money than brains. He’s using that money to help Biden get the votes. Even though his own presidential campaign didn’t go as he planned, he’s still very committed to spending his money frivolously to help the Democratic Party.

Perhaps Bloomberg overstepped when he paid the fines of 32,000 Black and Hispanic felons so they could exercise their right to vote in the election on November 3.

Apparently, Dems aren’t too confident of their ability to win Florida without getting the votes of convicted felons. That doesn’t say much about their candidate. But, Joe Biden doesn’t give off a vibe of confidence when he’s at a podium.

Ashley Moody, the Florida Attorney General, has sent a letter to law enforcement officials in the state to request that they investigate Bloomberg and how he has paid the fines of so many felons throughout the state. The question is whether Bloomberg is legally able to make the payments so that felons are eligible to vote. Moody wants to know if it violates federal and state law.

Florida has various laws in place that make it possible to question what Bloomberg has done. One law has to do with “vote selling” – and Bloomberg may be in violation because of corruptly offering the felons to vote for or against a particular candidate. As a Democrat, he’s clearly paying the fines of these felons with the anticipation that they’ll vote for Biden. Further, those who accept “in exchange for a promise to vote for or against” would be guilty of a third-degree felony in Florida.

Bloomberg may not be doing any favors for these felons.

Governor Ron DeSantis and Representative Matt Gaetz have requested to have the payments to felons reviewed. The payments made by Bloomberg were funneled through the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Florida passed a constitutional amendment in 2018 that gave felons the right to vote again – approximately 1.5 million convicted felons were able to have voting rights again. However, the law that DeSantis signed into law also states that felons have to pay fines before they can do so. There are around 775,000 felons who would have to pay fines before being allowed to vote.

The fines will vary based on the outstanding fees that each individual felon has. It’s been estimated that Bloomberg has paid around $16 million to make it possible for the convicted felons to have a right to vote. So, thousands of felons could end up voting as a direct result of Bloomberg’s generous donations.

If this weren’t an election year and Bloomberg wasn’t a known Democrat, it could be said that he was just being charitable. However, it is an election year, he is a known Democrat, and he’s spending a significant amount of money to buy the votes in favor of Biden. The question is whether it can be confirmed that he actually broke the law and what’s going to be done about it.

Bloomberg might have millions to waste on this sort of thing – and Florida is just one of the many states that could flip in one direction or the other. Is he planning on buying votes in some of the other states, too? After all, Biden needs all the help that he can get. The #VoteBlueNoMatterWho hashtag isn’t going as well as the Dems had hoped. It turns out Biden can only flounder on speeches for so long before even the liberals give pause to wonder who they’re actually nominating to get into the White House.