D-Day American Flag Comes Home after 75 Years

June 6, 1944, Americans landed on the beaches of Normandy and joined the allies in World War II. Better known as D-Day, the first invading ship had an American Flag waving as they stormed the beach as all the ships do. That flag took some German machine-gun bullets as Old Glory continued waving ashore. Seventy-five years later, President Trump received the same American Flag at a White House ceremony on Thursday. The D-Day American flag made its rounds around the world and found itself back home where it belongs.

The Netherland’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte was to sit down with President Trump and have talks with him on his visit to America. He brought the flag with him to give to President Trump along with a message from the previous owner of the flag. Bert Kreuk who is an art collector and a retired Dutch businessman said three years ago he purchased the flag at an auction, and he wanted to donate the American flag back to the United States of America.

Kreuk was unable to attend the ceremony, but he called ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit and said in an interview, “I cannot keep it myself. It needs to go to the right institution. I need to give it back.” From the donation, President Trump will hand it over to the Smithsonian Institution. What a great piece of history to hold and see with one’s own eyes! The reverence President Trump had when receiving the flag was jaw-dropping. It showed how much our president loves this country he is leading.

The 48-star flag flew on the U.S. Navy’s LCC 60. It was one of the three ships to land on the Utah Beach escorting the U.S. Troops which were about to take over the Normandy coast in 1944. The LCC 60 was the only ship able to complete the mission on D-Day.

The Ship’s commander Howard Vander Beek kept the flag with him after the war and kept it in his basement. It is where the flag stayed until his death in 2014. The flag was later put up for auction where Kreuk purchased it.

Kreuk stated the flag meant liberation for him and his family from Nazi Germany. He was the only one of his family members to survive after the Germans bombed Rotterdam. He stated, “For me, it was evident that I wanted to have this and secure it for the future.”

It is so amazing how someone from another country can have such great reverence for the American Flag and others who live in this country desecrate it and even go so far as to burn it. It is sick, and it saddens the true American spirit within us deeply. The American flags have seen their share of battles. From the Revolutionary War to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. She still flies proudly into any battle or mission America takes on. To have a flag still intact with bullet holes 75 years later leaves a person speechless as to the realization of what not only the flag went through but also our soldiers who carry her into battle.

While looking at the pictures, one can almost see the soldiers land on the beach 75 years ago. It brings a person who loves this country and loves this flag to tears of joy to see a President of the United States of America receive this honor to hold history in his hands. Just looking into his eyes anyone, including Democrats who put him down every day can see the love, honor, and respect this man has for this great nation. I could never be president, but I can only imagine how the president felt to be handed that flag.

How can anyone living in America put this country down and put down a president who is really trying to “Keep America Great?” The chants of the crowd in North Carolina says it all, “Send her back!” Send them all back where they came from if they do not love this country and all she stands for! There was nothing racist about what the President stated. It was the truth, and it is sad when he defends this nation and the people in it, and the ignorance takes over from the stupidity of Liberals. This is what we face in this world today, and it makes many angry who have the same dream as the President, “Keep America Great!”