COVID-19 Facts Scare Democrats Because They Will Lose Power Over People

The Democrats are in full retreat and looking for places to hide as more is learned concerning COVID-19. They have pushed death and destruction for so long that they turn out to be the real threat behind the pandemic. Their reluctance to tell the truth regarding the facts of COVID-19 has created a division within the country that is about to backfire in their faces as the truth is leaking out.

Dr. Scott Atlas has been on the COVID-19 task force for over a month. His findings regarding COVID-19 are showing an unnecessary approach to how things have been handled. He is saying that it is way past the time to get things back to normal and start living life again.

Atlas has provided five facts that everyone already knew one month into the first lockdowns. These facts are acting like a noose ready to strangle the devious Democrats.

What people already figured out first was that the death rate from COVID-19 had been greatly exaggerated by the loony left and their hired media. People started looking at the infection rate and noticed that the death rate was no better than that of the common cold. And they noticed that the negative infection rate was through the roof. But the Democrats told everyone that they were going to die if they were infected.

People also noticed that the only group of people that needed protection was the elderly, and that was only to keep the hospitals from being overrun. But that never happened because COVID-19 is not as bad as the media said it was. Of course, they no longer are reporting COVID cases since they are more interested in the riots taking place.

Isolation only lets the virus linger longer than it should have been allowed to stay. Atlas dictates that if the virus had been allowed to run its course, herd immunity would have been reached months ago.

Altas has also stated that people died because they did not have access to medical facilities. The hypothetical speculations of liberal doctors and loony liberal politicians shut down all care facilities and made it impossible to access the hospitals. The data that was being provided was exaggerated and never developed.

Atlas maintains that people could have been protected better if people like the Democrats would not have blown things out of proportion. Targeted measures would have worked just fine and could have been implemented if actual facts were given to the right decision-makers.

The CDC director Robert Redfield has a lot to with what was taking place in the public. The data that he was spouting off as truth regarding immunity turned out to be years old data on immunity. What was not being said also is that the common cold virus is a version of the coronavirus.

People that have had the coronavirus in the cold have been said to have a T-cell immunity to COVID-19. All of the research done on this proves that over half of the people are already immune to COVID-19 because of the exposure to the common cold.

What all of this means is that the American people are being lied to by the Democrats and their devilish doctors. They keep pushing the lie about a second that never happened. They also keep spouting off that another version of the virus is about to unleash a new horror on the world. But that too is a lie. Nothing else is coming. COVID-19 was a manufactured virus unleashed by China in the world.

President Trump sees through the lies. This is one reason he appointed Atlas to the COVID-19 task force. It is time to find the truth and tell it to the American people. And since the Democrats are liars, it will be up to the president and the rest of the Republicans to expose the criminal actions of the Democrats and everyone that are working for them.

Democrats want votes for the election. They do not want to have play fair to get them, so they continue to push the virus so they can commit mail fraud. Their time is up as people like Atlas expose the lies that they keep pushing.