Communist China is Trying to Hack America to Death…

Many hardcore smokers hack after their first-morning puff on a Marlboro red. Some people might be “hacking” away at a tedious task. But then there exists an elite group of highly literate cyber-criminals who hack computer systems with malicious intent. Very malicious…

If you use Facebook, have you ever been informed by a virtual friend you’ve never met and probably never will, to change your password? Your stranger-friend may have received an out-of-character private message with an attachment. Or worse. A demeaning or provocative post may have been disseminated to the masses from your private page. You were hacked.

Social media hackers, even though their disruptions can cause a head boomer worthy of snorting BC headache powder, are for the better part, amateurs. They’re still working their way up.

But when the U.S. Justice Department has to get involved in a hacking scheme, it’s serious business. They’re chasing the creme-da-la-creme in the hierarchy of corrupt cyber nerds, and they just nabbed a couple of them.

Federal officials slammed the cuffs on two Malaysian Nationals, but their five Chinese National sidekicks are still at large in their own country. The dastardly seven were convicted of targeting over 100 companies with a massive attack which may have conceivably melted Wall Street into a flaming puddle of despair.

Here are the names you can’t pronounce and won’t remember. The Chinese were Zhang Haoran, Tan Dailin, Qian Chuan, Fu Qiang, and Jiang Lizhi. All five had well-documented connections to the Chinese government-affiliated APT41 group. The group targets businesses worldwide in their quest to topple economies and create widespread disruption. The identity of the Malaysian’s is unknown at this time.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said one of the Chinese hackers is known to be “very close” to China’s Ministry of State Security. “These criminal acts were turbo-charged by a sophisticated technique referred to as a ‘supply chain attack,’ in which the Chinese hackers compromised software providers around the world, and modified the providers’ code to install backdoors that enabled further hacks against the software providers’ customers.”

In essence, it’s the domino effect. Once hackers bust through a backdoor, within a fraction of a second they’re on a superhighway of data collecting. Bank records, employee’s private information, passwords, secret government documents, voter records, and so forth. Nothing is out of their calloused fingertip reach.

For a few extra yen in their coffers, the hackers also targeted video game companies. The idea is to steal in-store resources for copying games to sell on the black market and/or on their seemingly legitimate websites where they gladly accept all credit and debit cards, and they will never under any circumstances be declined.

The Justice Department wasn’t working alone to flush out the hackers and pull the plug on their operation. They had help from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Verizon, to “identify and neutralize” anything and everything related to APT41’s servers, their malware, and every domain.

Rosen confirmed how the federal government has “used every tool available to disrupt the illegal computer intrusions and cyberattacks by these Chinese citizens.”

“Ideally, I would be thanking Chinese law enforcement authorities for their cooperation in this matter and the five Chinese hackers would now be in custody awaiting trial. Unfortunately, the record of recent years tells us that the Chinese Communist Party has a demonstrated history of choosing a different path, that of making China safe for their own cybercriminals, so long as they help with its goals of stealing intellectual property and stifling freedom.”

Rosen’s words send a crystal clear message. It isn’t really these seven hackers who we’re up against. It’s the governments who are backing and employing them to attack America from within. The five Chinese fugitives, and probably the two Malaysians who’ll do anything for a buck or two, are being paid directly by the Chinese Communist Party. Let there be no mistake, this is who we are fighting.

We need Donald Trump to continue playing hardball with a country that poses the biggest worldwide threat. China and their communist regime. Biden won’t do that. With his soft and loving approach, China would literally hack us to death.

Trump 2020.