Chuck Schumer is Issued a Warning About SCOTUS Pick

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer meets with Judge Merrick Garland to discuss Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The Dems don’t play fair. Many lack a moral compass, and perhaps it’s because they’re not Christians. They’re anarchists and atheists. As the SCOTUS hearing inches ahead now that Trump has identified his nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Chuck Schumer and the rest of his liberal lackeys have been issued a warning: Barrett’s Catholic faith is not to be attacked.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri issued the letter to the Minority Leader. He cited specific comments that were made by Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat out of California, that were made during Barrett’s nomination hearing for the US Court of Appeals in 2017.

Hawley’s letter says that he’s calling on Schumer and every member of the Democratic caucus to not only publicly reject the “egregious” personal attacks made by Feinstein but also to abstain from “that kind of anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-faith vitriol” during the SCOTUS hearing. He ended the letter by saying “You owe it to the country.”

It’s sad that one side of the Senate has to warn the other side of the Senate to behave themselves. However, the Dems tend to be Godless. They are merciless in their attacks on good people.

Amy Coney Barrett has always clung to her faith. She’s a practicing Catholic and is guided by the principles of Christianity. It is what makes her such a good pick for the Supreme Court. The country was founded by Christians – and she’ll be able to uphold the Constitution in the way that it was written.

To be guided by religion is not a bad thing – though the Dems would love to argue that. However, they may be quick to forget that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, too, was a religious woman. She was simply Jewish, not Catholic. While there are differences within the religions, they still believed in a higher power.

Trump’s choice is a great way to honor RBG. Sure, RBG was a Democrat and Barrett is a Republican. However, both are women who believe in a higher power.

Clearly, the vitriol that Feinstein has spewed about Barrett once before did not work – Barrett was voted into the seat for the US Court of Appeals. She kept using the word “dogma” to identify that Barrett would place her faith above the law. Feinstein overstepped her bounds – and it is clear that she does not understand how she is violating the Constitution by saying that Barrett is simply too Christian.

Perhaps Feinstein needs a reminder of what the Constitution says about prohibiting religious tests. No religious test “shall ever be required as a qualification” for an office or position within the United States. Essentially, religion has to be thrown out as an attack on Barrett – and now Senator Hawley is simply reminding Schumer and the rest of the Dems of this simple fact.

Religious tests are not to be part of deciding whether someone should hold public office. Hawley wants to make it clear that religious tests are banned by the constitution. He doesn’t want to see any inappropriate attacks during the hearing – the country as a whole deserves better. He’s also quick to add that there’s a long history throughout the US of “anti-Catholic hatred.”

Hawley is right, too. The Senate shouldn’t have any kind of religious bigotry in place – or bigotry of any kind. So, he wants the Senate as a whole to consider Judge Barrett based on her qualifications and not to slander her faith.

The sad reality is that the Dems will slander in one way or another. It’s what they do. They did it with Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, too. It’s the only way that they feel that they can get their way – and it’s disgusting.

The hearing begins October 12 – so now we can just hope that Schumer listens to the warning that has been issued to him and the rest of the Democratic caucus.