Biden’s America Makes Not Wearing a Mask a Felony

Mask wearing is a terrible topic that was created by the Democrats to cause division and fear. They want people fighting among themselves to get away with their corruption because no one is paying attention to themselves. The self-accomplished liberal that covers their face with a mask feels that they wear a mask badge that allows them the right to shame people who refuse to live in fear.

Anyone that walks into a store where masks must be worn is in grave danger of becoming their next victim. As one shopper at Yoke’s Fresh Market would find out when he was nearly attacked by a fearful employee who attacked the man for not wearing a mask.

The market employee who approached the shopper felt like he was in charge of viral security. Stoked up on adrenaline, the employee came at the man, who is known as Scott, and verbally attacked him. The employee stated, “One of their employees came up to me and very loudly asked me if I had a medical condition.”

To ask such a question is a clear violation of privacy laws. The employee had no basis for asking such a question. In fact, Scott did have an exemption, and all the employee should have done was let him pass.

To push the issue is to take authority into one’s own hands. Scott went on to tell the insane employee that, “I said I don’t need to tell you if I had a medical condition, but I’m exempt from wearing masks.”

Scott’s answer is all that should have been said. But this unprofessional employee took matters into his own hands and crossed a line that he should never have been allowed to approach. The video shows that the employee is coming right at Scott as if he is about to tackle him for not covering up his face.

As the tension mounts, a crowd begins to gather. Scott stated that he had a medical condition, but to save face, the employee mouths off and told Scott what he needed to say. Liberals never leave well enough alone, as the employee continues to press Scott for more information. Scott states, “I don’t have to tell you about my medical condition.”

This power-hungry employee forgets about the social distance factor as he put himself within feet of Scott. Bystanders had to back him up. Scott was told to leave the store by the other person who had no right to treat Scott the way he did.

The video also shows that the employee takes Scott and throws him to the ground, and throws things at his head as Scott tries to leave. At no time is Scott legally bound to reveal his medical condition. The employee hated the fact that he could not force Scott to obey the rules of the store. And that is what made him go off the deep end.

Yoke’s Fresh Market stated that the incident was very “disappointing.” They said that “The way the situation was handled does not reflect our values or standards of service and the employee involved is no longer with the company. As disappointing and challenging as this situation is, we see an opportunity to use this as a teachable moment across all of our stores and learn from it.”

Scott would get the last laugh as the sick employee would lose his job. Democrats and liberals think like the employee, that they are untouchable. But what they fail to understand is that everyone has to answer to someone. The Democrats will answer to the people and law enforcement for their sick crimes against the nation.

The market went on to say that “For our guests, we will follow all guidelines and of course honor any medical exemptions that prevent the wearing of protective masks in our stores.” The store can make any excuse it needs to cover its tail in the matter. But the truth is that no one deserves to be treated the way Scott was that day. The fearful liberals are hurting the nation, and they do not care.