Biden Supporters Threaten to Burn Down New Hampshire Homes Who Support Trump

Milford and Brookline, New Hampshire Trump supporters have received letters that should be very alarming to any conservative thinker. The recipients were told that their homes would be burned to the ground if Trump was not willing to concede the election. The homeowners who received the letters all have Trump signs on their yards.

According to the local news reports, police in Milford, New Hampshire are working tirelessly to get to the bottom of this issue. The US Postal Inspection Service is working alongside the officers, in hopes of catching the terrorists responsible for this. “I was kind of quite shocked that anyone would send a letter out with that type of threat,” says Bill Quigley.

The letter is as chilling as it gets. We cannot believe what we are reading here. It’s like these people seem to think that they exist in a nation that does not have any laws.

At least there is one police chief out there who is ready to step up and fight back against the insane leftists. Wait until you get a load of this letter and the absolute bile it contains.

“Dear neighbor, You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election,” the letter begins. “We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make sure that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage.”

“You have been given fair warning. Always remember, that it was ‘you’ that started this Civil War. Be prepared to face the severe consequences of your pre-emptive actions against democracy.”

These people are really serious, which makes us wonder how they are possibly getting away with it. How are people sending out this kind of stuff without anyone figuring out who is responsible?

If Chief Quigley is able to find the parties who are responsible for this, they are going to face serious charges. “Not only with us, with criminal threatening,” said the police chief. “It’s on a felony level, because of the threat of burning homes down and causing injury, but it could also be with the postal inspectors, something on the federal level.”

This should give pause to anyone who is considering sending these types of letters in their own city. The election is just a couple of weeks away and no one wants to deal with any more of this bullying. If only we could fast forward to the end of these proceedings and be done with them entirely! That would be a fate too kind at this point but we digress.

Anyone who is caught and identified is going to be in a heap of trouble, so we hope that the moment of satisfaction that they enjoyed was fully worth it. Postal inspectors are not a group that we would want to mess with, either. They are known for being a fairly fearsome bunch. This is not an organization that tolerates this sort of petty thuggery.

What are these people going to do once homeowners wise up and start putting cameras outside? These letters have to be getting into the mailboxes somehow. We would be willing to bet that there is at least one leftist who operates under the cover of night. The only way to truly get away is by taking the time to operate during the wee hours, preferably without the use of a vehicle.

We also have to remember that small towns are more susceptible to this sort of thing because it’s a pure numbers game. It’s not like small towns in New Hampshire can afford to spend their time and effort patrolling the streets until the break of dawn. That’s what these people are clearly banking on and that’s why we are doubtful that anyone would be able to do anything about this.