8 Year-Old Makes Over $4,000 to Help Others at His School

In a world that is filled with greed and crime, there is always an example of kindness and selfless discovery. Over the past few years, the Democrats have had the chance to show true compassion and selfless ambition to their country. But they have failed in doing so. Instead, they have shown hatred and contempt for people around the world. But in one school a young boy has done what the Democrats cannot do. And that is helping others with the expectation of nothing in return.

In Keoni Ching’s school, there was a problem for some students. They were not able to pay for their lunch debts. Some families in the school struggle to meet the financial needs of everyday life. But Keoni Ching decided that he wanted to give something back and help his classmates.

Ching started selling “kindness keychains” for $5 each. The goal was to help his entire school have a debt-free lunch year. The second-grader was able to sell enough keychains to provide $4,015 to his school. The child stated that “I almost ran out of lunch money and then I thought about other kids that would run out of lunch money very quickly.” The thought of not having lunch opened his eyes to the reality that there are students that have nothing to eat.

His idea came from the actions of Richard Sherman. This man plays for the NFL, and he donated $27,000 for student lunches at another school. Sherman was also a child at one time that had nothing to eat. Through the actions of one person to the reality of another, the impossible of selfish giving has been done.

This concept is something that alludes to Democrats of America. They are so focused on themselves that they talk about helping people but never do. Instead of giving to the poor, the Democrats take from the poor, and they force them into the streets. California is the perfect example of selfish Democratic rule.

Keoni’s mother was stunned to hear what he was doing. She stated that “Even though I paid [his balance] 30 seconds later, that is something that has still affected him. It gave me an understanding from a kid’s perspective how hard that is.” This just goes to show that kids are watching.

A side lesson that the Democrats have failed to learn is that their actions speak louder than their words. To say one thing and not do it is living a lie. But to not try at all sends a bad example to the rest of America. The Democrats are the worst group of people to look up to as heroes in America. They are a perfect example of corruption and contempt.

Keoni’s actions would go further than the lunch table as the example he set for the other students would long be remembered. The second-grader named the keychain after the themed week in his school that promotes kindness. The best of a small boy brings out the best in everyone else.

His mother would also state that “I can’t even tell you how generous people have been. One gentleman [whom the family did not know] donated $1,000.” This just goes to show that there are a few people that are willing to help financially to help a dream succeed. Especially if it is designed to help other people.

Much of the money was accepted by the school and the rest was donated to other school programs in the district. Keoni still has not stopped walking the path of kindness. It is a path that more people need to learn to walk. His next goal is to help kids in the hospital.

The country would be even better off than it is now if the greedy Democrats would have just worked with President Trump. In spite of all odds, the president has made America great once again. The Democrats never worked with him on anything. But that did not stop him from doing the right thing. Keoni and President Trump are an inspiration to people to be kind and never give up.